Friday, September 23, 2011

Allah looks our effort not our result

In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

Once you got dean's list title, you must be happy rite? Yes, it shows that you have come up with your effort and you deserved to get that title. I made the dean's list for the previous semester and I was very happy. Many of you I am sure have gotten this accomplishment. Studying does pay off. Anyone else got this accomplishment this past semester? If so, congrats and keep working on it for this coming examination.

Data Communication and Networking
Multimedia Technology and Design
Data Structure and Algorithm
System Analysis and Design
Mathematics 2 (calculus)
Advanced English 2

I think I can score for the five subject above excluding data structure algorithm (DSA). DSA is the subject after structured programming. It means, DSA is much more tougher compared to programming. I got only B for programming. 
I am just hoping pass for DSA. I don't want to repeat it. Sometimes I wonder what my result will be for this semester.


 There are soooooo many assignments, quizzes, lab test and presentations need to be done before final examination. 

Aku rasa semester ni ramai yang mengeluh. Nak withdraw lah, ape lah. Hey, kalau nak withdraw, awal2 lah bukan masa nak dekat final. Buang masa je tahu? Duit pun melayang. Mungkin juga kerana semester panjang dan subjek yang banyak. Pelajar lain paling command pun ambil 4/5 subjek tapi kami? 6 kot. Hoho. InsyaAllah. Allah looks our effort not our result. Mind that! (: