Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mid Semester Break

Whenever the Chinese New Year falls in January, it creates havoc with my time management. The catchy tune of gong xi gong xi fills the air and crates of mandarin oranges materialise at road side stalls. As usual mid semester break comes after mid term exam. I have very short holidays which is 6 days since my schedule has too much gap. A lil bit jealous 'cause most of my friends returned home early. Okay it's time to speed things up. I have some serious catching up to do within this 6 days. Better compile to-do-list to stay on top of things.

1- Spending my time with my lovely family at Kuantan since 2 month I'm not
    returned home. Instead of that, my grand pa and ma also followed
    me to see their beloved daughter. Who's their beloved daughter? 
    HAHA my mum la.

2- Secondly, Maya had borrowed me her korean movie (Boys over flowers).
    I have watched it for second time but my lil sis asked me to bring it 
    home. There were many episode so I have to spend my time wisely 
    to watch it within this 6 days. (Habislah power spec naik lepas ni)

3- Finish my story book ( life's like that) which has 306 pages. I bought 
    it last month unfortunately I dun have much time to read it. HAHA. 
    So, I want to finish it. Compulsory !

4- Learn how to cook since I'm not at home for a long time. Cewah 
    macam lama sangat tak balik rumah. See, now I've forgotten on how
    to cook even for simply meals. haiyaaa.

5- Eat eat eat and eat sumptuous meal which is prepared by ummi for 
    every single second. I might chubby after this semester break. LOL
6- As usual, shopping with them to find some stuff like handbag, shoes
    blouse. Itu pun kalau berkenan lah.

7- Help ummi trimmed and fertilised plants. After 2 month of 
    neglect, hopefully there's enough time for the fertilise to induce
    glorious blooms of flowers. Must remember not to overdose on 
    fertilisers or will end up with withered plants. 

8- And last prepare some empty pocket to keep ang pow. Abah has 
    a lot of chinese friends so we might get ang pow. Based on last few
    years, one of us got RM50. Thanks uncle Tan Bee Seng and Ah Peng.

My short holidays will be spending with a benefit things. Last word, I hope I'm not argue with my siblings especially my lil sis and for most my mum. If she want to mess up with me, it doesn't matter for me. Okay that's all. 

Movie I'll be watch with my lil sis

Books that I want to read and finish within this sem break

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