Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's all about housemates

So it just really hit how much I am going to miss my housemate. After living with them since last December, we have connected on that level where we are like sisters now. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have done a lot of things that I did here. We pretty much did everything together. I am definitely going to miss them. Before this, I stayed at Desaview Hostel but since semester 2, I moved to Pangsapuri Sri Batu, Kuala Lumpur. U wanna know? Because at Desaview I have to pay RM170 per month. It was very expensive for student okay. Since moved to Pangsapuri, I am paying only RM87.50. Besides affordable, it takes only 10 minutes to go to college. Okay without wasting much time, I would like to introduce to my freaking damn hot housmates.

Okay first, I'd like to introduce this girl. Her name is Raja Nabila Arif and she's from JB. I called her bella or gergirl and she's 19teen. Science comp student in semester 2. She was an athlete long time ago i mean during her secondary school. She love singing and playing guitar. Do u see the guitar on that picture? Yeah she owned it. Kakak2 called her 'Pentipu' because she love to talk talk and talk. In my opinion, I can get with her because she has something which can get through myself and I like that. She annoys me with her blur attitudes sometimes. To gergirl, u're sporting, talkative and nice one. Take care of yourself and your ehem ehem. May your relationship are everlasting. Love u gergirl - xoxo - 

Who's this gurl? Okay, she's Atyra, 19 teen, Islamic Contemporary student and  she's from Miri, Sarawak. She also can plays guitar. She's not talkative girl but I considered her as friendly girl. Her face will downcast when she has a problem but once she's happy, she will smiling till her ears. To tyra, always smiles okay. Love u tyra -xoxo-

Her name is Siti Rahmah Halim, 22 years old, Child-hood education student, from Temerloh, Pahang. She's very kind, quite humble happens sometimes only. I have a very very big space inside my stomach and starving all the time eventhough Im not too big so I loved to eat and when I'm hungry, I 'll look for her then she cooked and eat together with me. Besides, I was spoiled by her and I had assumed her as my sister. Love u kakak ima -xoxo-

She is Nur Sahwalina, from Temerloh, 22 years old, taking a course same as kakak Ima, a very small  and cute person. Everybody inside this home called her kak syawa. She loved reading novels, screamed without purpose, quite happens sometimes only and a bored person. Always said ' Hanan, akak boring la, nak buat ape eh?'. She's very cool person and I love u kakak syawa -xoxo-

She's Wan Amira, 20 years old, from Terengganu. Since we moved to new house at level 5, she rarely to be at home and now she lived with her friends. We still considered her as occupant to this house. For me, she's very kind and talkative person (:

She is Halimatus Nadia Abdul Halim but I called her Maya, 19 years old, from Bangi, Business Administration student. A small with a talkative person. She attempts to make eveybody laugh. I used to watch a korean movie using her CD. Thanks a lot. She was my roomate at Desaview and we moved to Sri Batu together. I  know her since the first day I entered college. She got very stuck up face but actually she does not. Huhu don't mad at me. Love you Maya. -xoxo-

And last, the cute one, Nurul Izzati hanni, 19 years old, from Kajang. She's not studying at IIC. Maya and her are one of best friends in this house and they like siblings which no one would separate them. For me, a really kind roomates with load-no-voice. She looks serious but actually she does not. Always treated me as her lil sister, that's her. Love you, hanni -xoxo-

Okay thats all about them. Sometimes you might wonder which one of them that I closed to? But I tell you what, I do not own the answer because let us see here and I put you into a situation. You and your best friend together and I will provide you choices. Would you rather be the one who will be shot or the one who does the shooting? Do you find the answer? No? Same goes with me here.

As long as I can get through them, it does not matter what happens. What I know about B-5-11 HOUSE does not have owned any problem. No controversy, no crippled and no abusive matters. I just love the way they are and hope our friendship last forever.

B-5-11 occupant ;

Nurul Hanan        (Hanan)
Halimatus Nadia  (Maya)
Hanni Izzati        (Hanni)
Sahwalina           (Syawa)
Raja Nabilah       (Bella)
Siti Rahmah        (Ima)
Atyra                 (Tyra)
Amirah               (Mira)

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