Friday, January 7, 2011

New lyfe chapter

Accept My Mistakes

Im human who always making a mistakes. Accept what I did wrong and try to do better next time. No need to punish myself forever. In fact, accepting my mistakes is the only way to make them disappear

Accept My Friends Mistakes

Maybe I got hurt by somebody. It was happens and just accept it and deal with it. People are making mistakes and if I can accept that for myself, accept it for my friends too. In the end, all I need from them is their love.

Build Self Discipline

I don’t have to wait for other people to impose discipline on me. Start early and I'll create my own discipline. Although it sounds a little bit harsh, self discipline is a facilitator for many things in my life. It’s hard to get but great to have.

Make New Friends

Reach out. Don’t be afraid. Establish new contacts. The worst thing that may happen to me is to be rejected. Well, if that’s the case, move on. The reward of having true, long-lasting friendship is worth all the potential rejection.

Start A New Diet

Me, in a vast proportion, what I eat. I'll trying a new diet would often be the only needed change for a dramatic boost of my health and energy. Don’t necessarily have to be raw food, or even vegetarian, whatever works for me.

Keep A Journal

I would write down my feelings, my ideas, my goals, my activity. Journaling is by far one of the most useful things I’ve done to change my life for the best. It works in such a silent, yet effective way. All I need is pen and paper.

Learn To Take Risks

My life may be so boring and fade because… err, I made it like this? When was the last time I tried something really difficult? When was the last time I challenged the odds doing something risky? Do it now, hanan.

Change My Work Space

Okay, clean up my desk, re-arrange furniture and add some color to that space. Make the place where my work really enjoyable. So enjoyable that work there won’t be perceived as work anymore. It will be something I love to do.

Find Reasons To Agree

Rather than disagree. I have this mindset of competition which makes constantly arguing over things. Well, stop that. I don’t have to force myself into agreement, if it’s not the case, just trying to find some reasons will be enough.

Pay Myself First

I can’t give something if I don’t have it. I can’t spread light onto others if I don’t have light from within. I can’t give wealth to others if I don’t have it for myself first. I would make myself a service and pay myself first.

Wake Up Early

This is not a habit, this is a lifestyle. Don't just wake up early without a purpose. Be early, Hanan. Be there before others. Look for opportunities and embrace them. Waking up early means keeping my eye open to every available opportunity.

Train My Focus

My focus is in fact my reality. Use it wisely. Train it constantly for it will enhance my reality in ways I never imagined. I'll keep my focus sharp as a razor blade and be prepared to experience life in fantastic shapes and colors.

Start A Blog

On whatever topic I want. Not only it will give my opportunity to create something new and valuable but it will also bring new people into my life. Blogging is far more than a hype, is a personal development tool. A very good one.

Be Better, Not Perfect

Striving too much for perfection will ruin my life. It will wipe out all those little imperfections which are making me… human. Being better, on the other side, is rewarding. Look back at  yesterday  and just say I’m better!

Try Something New

Maybe Im sad because Im bored. Have I ever thought about that? Just reach out and try something completely new. Go for a challenge, learn a new sport, pick a different restaurant or go for a comedy movie (if Im the drama type). Just try it.

Avoid Fighting

Fighting is the biggest energy leak of myself being. Trying to prove another guy wrong is so against my true nature. Im here to acknowledge life’s wonders, not to prove anybody’s wrong. They’re not wrong, just have different opinions. And that’s part of life.

Learn To Ignore

I think they should be teaching this one in schools. We’re so focused on so many topics and think we have to do so many stuff, that our life is literally clogged with stuff. It’s good to do stuff, but learning to ignore stuff is much better.

Clean Up My House

It’s fun and it’s good for me. I would make a habit out of cleaning up my house with joy and happiness. What’s outside is a mirror of what’s inside. If my house is  mess, probably my internal life is a disaster. Neat that stuff, it’s easy.

Write A Personal Mission Statement

Im here with a reason. No matter how small I feel now, how insignificant others may made I feel, I have a purpose. Take time to write my personal mission statement. It will bring light and direction into my life.


I don’t have to break the world record, or something. Just make sure Im exercise constantly. It will make me body healthier and my mind clearer. It’s also one of the simplest and most affordable ways to improve my life.

Play A Game

Any game. Just play. Like a child. I'll allow myself to do something just for fun, without any goals, pressures or deadlines. It will make me understand that everything is a game. Sometimes a little bit harder, but still a game.

Stop Being Judgmental

With others AND with me. Excessive criticism will kill my enthusiasm. And if I think this post is something I shouldn’t read in the first place, then, my friend, Im really a judgmental. Lighten up. Accept life as it is.

Smile At Least 10 Times A Day

And I mean it, start to count that. Smiling is a sign of honesty and power. Everybody can cry over a disaster but only the most powerful can take bitterness with a smile. Exercise that power. And then try to go for 20 times a day.

Understand What People Want From Me

What I can do is not always what people want from me. Clearing that confusion alone could bring an immense relief to my life. I don’t have to immediately provide what they’re wanting, but if I do, I may have some big surprises.

Live Today

Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Go for what I can do today and leave yesterday behind for good. It’s not here anymore. And tomorrow doesn’t even exist yet, so why bother. All I have is today. Don’t waste it, Hanan.

Expect The Unexpected

If there’s something unusual that happens to me, go for it. The unexpected is a signal of an opportunity. It will not always be nice, this unexpected, but whenever it’s around, magical things are happening. Wait for it. Praise for it.

Stop Being A Follower

Admiring is nice. But being admired is even better. Stop trying to fit in other people’s shoes. I should find my own path. If that means breaking up completely my lifestyle, so be it. If Im “like” somebody else I can’t be “like” myself anymore.
Okay enough until here~
I hope it will be a new life chapter in my life~
Ummi said, u have to change along and u deserved the best! InsyaAllah

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