Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special made for my love

Abdul Wafiy's achievement

Nur Ainaa Tasnim's achievement

Congrats to my lil brother Abdul Wafiy on your achievement. Finally u got the best student and you've completed 30 juzu' of Quran which carry you as Al-Hafiz. I am very proud of you and do the best for upcoming SPM. To my lil sister Ainaa Tasnim, I hope that you are able to maintain your achievement either in curriculum or co-curriculum and do the best for upcoming PMR. Please balance them to make your dream come true. But most of all, success is being who you are, and feeling proud of yourself for every task and challenge that you face and conquer along the way. For the rest of you, please enhance your attitude towards meaningful of life. 

-Sincerely, Along- 

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