Sunday, August 7, 2011

My BackBone

It's so random for me to write this entry. 
Perhaps too much of Emo peoples around me recently.

I feel I'm so lucky to have my buddies, they are my backbone.
If you never tell, peoples will never know.
Peoples never know I faced sorrow moment, just because I got lotsa friends.
Friends can be uncountable, but how many true friends you got among your uncountable friends? 

There are too much of UnknownWar which you could probably involved without notification. You will knew it, until you get hurt.

Bitch is everyway. Well, I'm not refering to anyone! Don't think too much unless you agree you are bitchy :) 
I definitely got my right to speak out my feeling, my opinion, my point of view,
because this is my blog :) *peace*

A lot of thing, you never know:

  • You never know I wanna escape from my batch before,
  • You never know I got boycott before,
  • You never know I wished to transfer school before,
  • You never know I cry alone when I faced pressure,
  • You never know Peer Pressure can be so scary.
  • You never know how it's feel when the goodfriend that you think is not a friend of you.
  • You never know I think before I talk just worry I offended anyone.

I'm dumb, I dunno when to stand this side, when to stand that side. I'm tired involved in peer pressure. I choose to step away.You dun even know I changed, I'm not believed people, just because I afraid got hurt. But I would like to say thank you to those who hurt me. Your cruel lesson make me grow up, in short time. I'm not a little girl anymore. I able to protect myself even able fight back now.

I have a bunch of buddies that accompany me across those hard time~ 
They are kind, not selfish~ 
They are helpful without complaining~
They're willing to sacrifice their time to accompany when I'm down~

Without you guys, I dunno how I survive in a pathetic College Life
Thank you
My loves, My BackBone
Our friendship, I treasured


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  1. ble ak tgk2 an hanan. ak rase ko ni tggi lor.. bape tggi ko eyh?