Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Living with scoliosis

The trouble with living with Scoliosis is that oftentimes you think you've grown to the physical discomfort and pain that comes with having Scoliosis. Then sometimes life throws you a curve ball which tests your limitations, patience and faith.

The truth is not very spectacular, it's just a pain to deal with *ironic smile* 
Earlier this week I woke up with severe pain in my neck (yes this does sound really odd, but it's true), which has not ceased since then. Malays would call it "seliuh bantal"  which basically means you'd sprained your neck while sleeping on your pillow. In other words sprain your neck in your sleep. The trouble about having a sprained neck with this Scoliosis of mine is that it causes a whole lot of other pains. Not only the neck region is throbbing (spasming), my upper curve (the upper spine recall that my spine has the S-curve) as well as the rib hump they'd removed and repaired in the spinal fusion back in 2007 are hurting as well. There are 3 basic types of treatments for scoliosis. From the observation, orthopaedic bracing and surgery.

I have so much to share but there is always so little time in a day! But I've got a piece of good news and new discovery to share with my fellow scoliosis friends. Alright, maybe this discovery is not so new for some of us out there, but it is to me (:

I walked at the park 5 days a week, 30 minutes each time. But it wasn't sufficient. My spine, and back muscles still didn't feel strong enough but dear friends, you can start with walking. Just walk. Go to the park and walk. Moved your arms in silly ways that make you feel good and ignore those evil-starers and don't stop for 30 minutes. Stretch when you've done with walking. Stretch your legs, your arms, your back. Be careful, but stretch and feel good about your achievement. Because this will be the start of great benefits. There are specific exercises to do to help strengthen the back muscles. I'm not talking about strengthening the spine or exercising your curves. What I mean is, if you concentrate on strengthening your back muscles (those muscles surrounding your back area), you can minimise discomfort and pain, breathe smoothly and you'll also find yourself feeling stronger and better about yourself.

So what is my point here? 
The point that I am trying to make is.. don't give up! 
When you have scoliosis, some days the pain can drag you down. Some days it doesn't seem as if you will ever be normal or live normally. Some days there are just so many things that you cannot do.
Fight it. Fight the pain. Exercise. Go ahead, try it (: 

To my scoliosis friends out there who are going through hard times and feeling as if normality is so much out of reach. Please have faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in a Higher Being (whatever your religious believe might be). Have faith, stay strong, and don't give up on the hope that one day normality will be within your grasp and in your life once again.

If I do surgery, it takes time to heal as I have to do theraphy and so on. 
Kinda waste my time ryte? :D

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